Like an Afterimage | 17 Images

Pin-Hole Polaroid Film

HDR Ultrachrome Archival Pigment Print

Dimensions 24 inch X 24 inch, 16 inch X 16 inch

   Creatives love to think in the invisible.  The invisible is something that is out of our sight.  It something that can only is seen by opening our minds.  Therefore the invisible has a powerful influence on us. I am interested in how this invisible can alter our perceptions and why it does so.  To me, New York was a foundation of my life; it gave me inspiration. Its name is so famous that the City captured my heart with a single look.  I had visions of the city even before I settled down here.  However the visions I had were only from iconic images.  The type you would see on a post card or tourist pamphlet.  I want to step out of these pre-occupied images. As an artist I believe it is my obligation to discover the hidden within the world. We might not overcome pre-occupied methods like a nation or political disposition. Thats why I began to make my work. The city is occupied and inhabited by people but I remove them from my photographs because in doing so a new way of looking at the city emerges. So I walked through the city with the notion of pre-determined stock images in my head.  And I began to see hidden things within the city.